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Professional Waxing Products

Professional Waxing Products

Why Alera

Alera depilatory hard wax is made with completely natural resins of the highest purity and quality. Alera's unique blend enables depilation below body temperature which makes it ideal for any area of the body as well as sensitive skins, whilst removing even the finest of hairs.

As best practices for use of Alera Hard Wax we recommend it should be heated in a container specifically intended for this purpose like our Professional Alera Hot Wax Heater , a perfect application time is when the product is observed to reach a honey like texture and doesn't fall off spatula; we suggested  to apply a strip of wax on the skin in the direction of the hair growth.

Alera Hard Wax is available in tablets form in one kilogram bags,
Alera Hard Wax, maximum elasticity depilatory wax is designed for application at between 96.8 - 104 °F (36-40°C). Since it enables depilation below body temperature, it is ideal for sensitive skins, whilst removing even the finest of hairs.


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