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The Pros and Cons of Hard Wax

The Pros and Cons of Hard Wax

Waxing is still the preferable option for women who want effective and long-lasting hair removal. But with the plethora of options available in beauty sections, it can get very tough deciding between the different types, fragrances, and methods.

Most of your decision will, however, boil down to choosing between hard wax and soft wax.

There are certain essential cases in which hard wax is the way to go, and some scenarios where soft wax would be the better option. So, without further ado, here are the pros and cons of hard wax that you should know about.


·      Less Painful Option

Hard wax is so named because it hardens up after it is heated and applied on the skin. This enables it to latch onto hairs without tugging on your skin. Because of this, hard wax is less painful than soft wax.

·      You Won’t Need Waxing Strips

The great thing about hard wax is its convenience. You don’t additional tools like waxing strips in order to get the job done. You just have to heat up the hard wax and apply it to your skin directly with a spatula or stick.

·      Ideal for Sensitive Areas

Hairs on the bikini area are course and grow in different directions, making them harder to remove by other means. Because it is heated up, hard wax can open up your pores, allowing for easy hair removal on sensitive spots such as the bikini area and face.

·      Sticks to Even Smaller Hairs

Hard wax sticks easily to smaller hairs, which often are missed by soft wax. Since it melts at a lower temperature, it can stiffen up quickly and latch onto even the small, coarse hairs on your bikini area. This is why hard wax can cause way less skin irritation than soft wax. This also means you can avoid in-grown hairs.


·      Pricier

Hard wax is a bit more expensive than soft wax, which is why it might not always be available at your local spa.

·      Harder to Spread on Larger Area

Since it stiffens up so quickly, hard wax cannot be spread over a large area easily; otherwise, it might break. Because of this, hard wax is usually used best in small, sensitive areas.

Hard wax is an effective hair removal option for your sensitive body areas. If you’re considering whether to buy hard or soft wax, perhaps the best decision would be to use both on different parts of the body.

This will ensure that you don’t experience more pain than necessary on your sensitive parts, and you will also get the best coverage over your entire body.

As mentioned above, hard wax doesn’t require any additional tools. Just a spatula will do! All you need to do is heat it at a lower temperature and spread it out properly and quickly with a spatula.

We hope this overview of the pros and cons of hard wax was useful for you. Are you looking to buy some premium quality hard wax? We have just the perfect items for you!

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