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The Pros and Cons of Soft Wax

The Pros and Cons of Soft Wax


Though waxing is (in)famous for being a painful hair removal process, it also has other benefits when it comes to beautifying and improving your skin. One of these benefits is the thorough exfoliation of dead skin you can get from soft wax.

Like its cousin hard wax, soft wax is supposed to be heated up (though at a higher temperature) and applied to your skin for hair removal.

Because of its consistency, texture and other properties, soft wax can be a great hair removal option for you. But just like hard wax, there are a few pros and cons of soft wax that ought to know before going for it.



·      Applies Easily on Larger Parts of the Body

One of the reasons why soft wax gains the upper hand over hard wax is that it’s more viscous and stickier. These properties allow it to spread easily over larger parts of your body, such as arms, legs and back etc. It sticks to finer hairs over the body more easily.

·      Exfoliates the Skin Thoroughly

Since it’s so sticky, soft wax grabs onto the skin more than hard wax. This can cause pain, but it also means that soft wax can remove the upper, dead layers of skin and exfoliate it thoroughly.

·      Less Pricey

Soft wax is a bit cheaper than hard wax, which is why it is so commonly used in salons and spas and is the most widely available and popular type of wax.


·      Requires Waxing Strips

Unlike its counterpart, soft wax requires waxing strips because it remains viscous without any hardening after application.

·      Can be More Painful

Because it attaches to the skin, soft wax can cause pain when the waxing strips are being peeled off. The benefit of this is the exfoliation of dead skin, as mentioned earlier. But you’ll have to bear through the pain. If you have extremely sensitive skin, then hard wax might be a better option for you.

Despite these few cons, soft wax is still a great option for women, as evidenced by its popularity. Still, if it doesn’t seem right for your skin, you have other options.

So, your waxing decision will depend more on your skin type, what goals you have about hair removal, and which areas you want to get waxed.

Whether you decide on a hard or soft wax, it is important that you know what you’re doing. If you don’t have sufficient experience with waxing, we recommend seeing a professional.

With these pros and cons of soft wax, we hope you are able to make a more informed decision and treat your skin the right way. If you’re looking for premium quality options in both soft and hard wax, we have just the perfect collection for you!

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