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Skincare and Waxing During Lockdown

Skincare and Waxing During Lockdown


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are still facing a lockdown on all non-essential activities. Sadly, that includes beauty and waxing salons. But there are several ways you can still care for your skin and remove those pesky body hairs without needing a salon specialist.

Here are some tips for skincare and waxing during lockdown:


There are plenty of ways on how to care for your skin at home:

1.    Make a beauty routine

Create a beauty routine that you can follow daily or every other day. This can be applying a rich and thick moisturizer all over your body to keep it soft and healthy. Or you can apply age-old homemade remedies for dark circles like cold cucumbers.

To put it simply, this is the time to indulge in homemade self-care. Just don’t take it too far!

2.    Keep yourself hydrated

Part of maintaining healthy skin is keeping drinking water throughout the day. By sitting around and not going outside, we can sometimes forget to drink water.

Make sure to get in the daily recommended amount of 8 glasses per day.

3.    Moisturize your hands

With all the repeated handwashing and sanitizing with alcoholic products, your hands may become dry and irritated. What’s more, disinfectants like alcohol can cause eczema and even burns in some people if used often.

Be sure to moisturize your hands after every hand washing/sanitizing or two.

4.    Get some self-love with oil massages

A great way to care for your body, mind, and soul is to give yourself massages with aromatic oils. You can massage your feet every night and put socks on before sleeping. This will ensure a good sleep along with healthy, moisturized feet when you wake up! Getting a good night’s sleep is also essential for great-looking skin.


Although waxing salons are closed, you still have options for getting out of this hairy situation. You may not be able to remove hair from all body spots. But you can at least have manageable hair removal on key areas with our easy-to-use waxing method.

It’s not unheard of to do one’s own waxing. With more consumer-friendly products on the market, you can easily perform your own waxing. It’s still the most effective and long-lasting method of removing hair.

You shouldn’t rely on shaving or painful and expensive epilators. With our user-friendly wax heater and premium quality wax, you can follow the procedure and get the best results possible. It’s never been easier to do your own waxing at home!

If you want to bring the whole waxing salon experience inside your home, you can even use our low-melting point hard wax with any reliable wax heater to get rid of even those hairs in small and sensitive areas. Just be sure to know the appropriate procedure to follow.

We hope this brief guide on skincare and waxing during lockdown was informative for you. Get some skincare and waxing without going outside and indulge your beauty at ho

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